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Kabongo, Kenya
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     Grades 4 to 7 are getting computer lessons.  The classes we have already graduated have all done very well and are all in second level education. 

     At present we have the following:  11 classrooms, admin block, 2 staffrooms, computer room, kitchen and small dining room, clinic, medical laboratory, mobile clinic, basketball court, football field, 20 staff houses all with electricity and water, a HIV/AIDS counseling and testing center, 2 dormitories, library and multipurpose room and an irrigation project for vegetables.

           ONLY $75 US Dollars will pay for one year schooling
                 for one child.

     The school was established in 2003.

       Mission:  To provide a quality education to
              the children of the very poor.

     Current enrollment is 495 boys and girls.  Our school year is from January thru October (40 weeks). We are feeding about 320 children each day and about 95 of the upper classes are actually boarding  24/7.

       Most of the people in this area are living
                      on about $1.00 a day. 

     Our children in school, range in age from 4 to 15, are offered some additional food  on a twice daily basis.  It is very basic food and consists of maize and beans but not bad compared to what they get at home.  Our children hardly ever get milk or meat or fish or bread....and have never seen a burger or a Mars bar !!
   It is our wish and our target that the school and health center be self-sufficient by 2012 at the latest.
    The Health Center:    Our health center, set up concurrently with the school is a very valuable facility for the local population as we are situated about 8 miles from the nearest hospital. Eight miles is not very far but there are NO roads and no public or private transport of any kind.  We treat all sorts of illnesses and have to refer some of our patients to hospital.  We bring them there in our Mobile Clinic.

    As you might suspect, illnesses connected with the HIV/AIDS scourge are most prevalent in and around Kabongo.  We also deal with malnutrition, TB, bilharzia, diabetes, and we also run a pre and post natal program as well as an actual baby delivery program.

     All in all, our Health Center has been a great boon to the people in Kabongo.
      If you feel like joining the "Friends of Kabongo Children", please be assured that each and every cent donated goes to the designated need.  There are no deductions for overhead, administrative costs, etc. and all donations will be individually acknowledged unless otherwise indicated by the donor. 
    May God Bless each and every one of you for your valuable involvement in our efforts to improve the lot of thousands of very disadvantaged children.  

Bro. Paul D. Brennan, F.S.P., Coordinator of the Patrician Complex at Kabongo, Western Kenya.
Our physical address is   The Patrician Primary School and Health Center,  Box 5064, Eldoret, Kenya.  Our email is   patriciankabongo@gmail.com
Our website is   www.patriciankabongo.com
Our cell phone number is    +254 722 377 509
Our Contact in the United States is:  The Brothers of St. Patrick, 7820  Bolsa Ave., Midway City, Calif. 92655